Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.
If you do not find the information you are looking for in the FAQs or if you would like to find out more concerning how to proceed, please feel free to contact Ecla's staff.

1. The Ecla Campus

What is special about Ecla?
Choosing Ecla comes with a promise of a real life experience within an international and diverse community. Living at Ecla is also about making this unique #FrenchTouch location dedicated exclusively to co-living in some way your own. 

How far is the campus from public transport?
The Massy-Palaiseau Multimodal Station is a 7-minute walk or a 2-minute bus ride from the campus. You can take the RER B or C train, the TGV or the Express Bus 91-10 and 91-06 directly to the Plateau de Saclay or to Orly airport.
How long does it take to get to Paris?
It takes 30 minutes by RER B train to reach the centre of Paris (the stations of Saint-Michel-Notre-Dame or Châtelet-Les-Halles).
What is security like on campus?
At Ecla, security is a priority. Security staff are on campus around the clock. The entire campus is covered by a CCTV system. A badge is required to access the floors and all accommodation.
What sports facilities are available on campus?
At Shape Up, there are 10 cardio-training machines including bikes, treadmills and even cross trainers. There are also 9 machines for leg, abdominal and pectoral circuit workouts... Also available: dumbbells and several spin bikes.
In addition, there is an Outdoor Camp for practising football, basketball or handball.
What additional services are available on campus?
You can hire a 32” TV screen, book a cleaner, hire a storage locker or even rent an indoor or outdoor parking space. You can order any of these services on the Ecla Campus app or by asking at reception for more information.

Can I receive friends or family in my apartment?
Ecla members can receive visitors. All you have to do is register the visitor when he arrives at the frontdesk. 


2. The accommodation

What exactly is included in the rent?
Are included with the rent: cold and hot water, electricity and heating. Wifi and free access to common areas are also available (co-working, Agora, Shape Up!, E-game room, The Studio, La Fabrique, La Cuisine, he Cinébox, patios, bikes parking spaces, etc.), not to mention the events program !
Is it possible to visit the apartments?
Yes, you are allowed to ask for a visit of a mock-up studio flat or T2 Duplex flat in the campus. You can also virtually take a tour around the common spaces and apartments through this link. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need at
How are the apartments furnished?
All is subject to the type of flat you have. Every single apartment (except Friends Flats) include a fully-equipped kitchen with a table-bar and chairs, a private bathroom, a bedroom space with a Tediber mattress and a working space with desk and storage space. Take a look on the description of each apartment for all details.

What is provided with the accommodation?
Every single flat (except our Friends Flats) include pillows, duvet, tableware, utensils, cutleries, hobs, microwaves and fridge. 
Which accommodation is suitable for couples? 

Which accommodation is suitable for sharing?

Do you have any accommodation suitable for those with reduced mobility?
Yes, our one-bedroom studios are perfectly adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Are pets allowed in accomodation?
No, pets are not allowed on campus.

3. Security deposit

How much is the administration fee?
For stays of between 1 and 5 months, the amount of the booking fee is 4.5% of the total length of the stay. 
For stays longer than or equal to 6 months, the amount of the booking fee is 4.5% of the annual rent.
 Do you need a guarantor to rent an apartment at Ecla? 
► Professionals: A guarantor is required if the member is not on a permanent contract and does not earn 3 times the rental amount.
► French students: A guarantor is required and must earn 3 times the rental amount. You have the possibility to have a moral guarantor via the company Garantme. 
► International students: A guarantor is not required. Without a confirmed guarantor, the student must pay a deposit equivalent to two additional month's rents as well as three month's rents in advance. International students without guarantors are also required to pay €20 in e-management fees per month.
What documents do I need to provide with my application? 
► Professionals:   
I am on a permanent contract and earn 3 times the rental amount
· ECLA booking form
· Valid ID
· RIB (Bank Account Reference)
· Last 2 payslips
· Last tax statement
I have one or more guarantors
The tenant
· ECLA booking form
· Valid ID
· RIB (Bank Account Reference) to set up a SEPA Direct Debit
The guarantor(s)
· Valid ID
· Last 2 payslips
· Last tax statement
· RIB (Bank Account Reference) to set up a SEPA Direct Debit
► French students:
The tenant
· ECLA booking form
· Valid ID
· Certificate of schooling or student card
· RIB (Bank Account Reference) to set up a SEPA Direct Debit
The guarantor(s)
· Valid ID
· Last 2 payslips
· Last tax statement
· RIB (Bank Account Reference) to set up a SEPA Direct Debit
► International students:
I have a guarantor in France
The tenant
· ECLA booking form
· Valid ID
· Certificate of schooling or student card
· RIB (Bank Account Reference) to set up a SEPA Direct Debit
The guarantor(s)
· Valid ID
· Last 2 payslips
· Last tax statement
· RIB (Bank Account Reference) to set up a SEPA Direct Debit
I do not have a guarantor in France
· ECLA booking form
· Valid ID
· Certificate of schooling or student card
· RIB (Bank Account Reference) of a bank account in France to set up a SEPA Direct Debit
What steps are involved in booking accommodation?
To book, you must complete the pre-booking process on the website. A member of Ecla's staff will contact you to finalise your application.
If your school has signed an agreement with Ecla, do not hesitate to ask your school to put you in touch with your designated campus manager.
What happens if I am an international student and my French visa is eventually refused?
Any cancellation due to a visa refusal must be notified to us in writing together with proof of refusal and may incur additional charges as follows:

 Up to 15 days before the date of arrival: No charge
 Between D-15 and D: 100% of the application fee
 Beyond: 100% of the file fees + 1 month's rent
Is it possible to obtain a proof of address?
Yes, simply contact Ecla's staff to request a proof of address.

Is it possible to receive housing benefits from CAF (Family Allowance Fund)?
Yes, an Ecla member can claim housing benefit. To apply to the CAF, select the following boxes:
"You live in a home or a student residence"
You are staying in student accommodation:
“In a home or university residence that is not managed by CROUS"
Nature of the rental:
"In a student residence owned by a private investor"
Your accommodation:
Is the accommodation furnished?:
Find out the amount of housing benefit you will receive by downloading the .pdf file

Is the Visale guarantee accepted at Ecla?
Ecla does not accept a Visale guarantee for its members.

What are the cancellation conditions?
Any modification of the stay or any request for cancellation may result in additional booking fees as follows:
- Up to 7 days after receipt of the lease: no charge 
- Up to D-30 before the estimated entry date: 50% of the application fee
- Between D-29 and D-15 before the estimated entry date: 100% of the application fee.
- Between D-14 and D-7 before the planned entry date: 100% of the application fee + ½ month's rent
- After D-7: 100% of the file fees + 1 month's rent

4. Moving on to campus

When should I complete my room inventory?
You can only complete your move-in inventory (or move-out inventory) by booking an appointment from Monday to Friday between 9.00 am and 5.30 pm. Don't forget you also need to show your valid student home insurance.

Can I smoke in my apartment?
The Ecla Campus is a no smoking area. For health and safety reasons and out of respect, we kindly ask you to respect the campus no smoking policy and use designated smoking areas (the patio and forecourt). If your apartment requires cleaning or paint work at the end of the year due to smoke damage, you will be charged accordingly.
How do I change my linen kit?
If you have taken the linen option, to change your sheets and towels, simply go down to the Local Linge located near the Launderette with your dirty laundry, during the opening hours indicated on the door of the Local.
How can I take advantage of Ecla’s services?
Download the Ecla Campus app to enjoy all of the services available: book the Cinébox or music studio, order some burgers or even open the door with your smartphone.
How do I receive post at Ecla?
If you wish to receive a letter or parcel, you must make sure your accommodation number is included in the address. Each housing unit has a numbered mailbox, which is locked with a code that you’ll be given when you move in.
If you receive a parcel, it will be delivered to a Mailbox. You’ll receive a notification via the mobile app, that you can go and collect it.
How do I pay my rent?
We recommend setting up a direct debit so you never forget to pay and don’t get charged extra fees. You can also pay your rent by credit card or bank transfer.
How can I cancel my contract?
If you wish to cancel your contract, you must give a letter of notice to reception during its opening hours or send it to ECLA’s postal address. E-mails will not be accepted.
If you would like to leave your apartment before the contract end date, you will have to respect the notice requirement. The notice requirement means that you are financially committed until the end of that time period.
The notice requirement is 15 days if you have an accommodation contract (between 1 and 6 months) or one (1) month if you have a leasing agreement (+6 months).
Example letter of notice:
Apartment #___

With this letter, I am informing you that I will be leaving the accommodation located on 16 avenue Emile Baudot, 91120 Palaiseau on ______, where I have been living since ______.
In agreement with Article 12 of the law of 6 July 1989, I will respect the notice requirement of ________ from the date the letter is received.
Before then, I will be in contact to arrange a date to complete the move-out inventory.
Hand-delivered on _____ to Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms ___________