Our services

The Ecla Campus is about more than just accommodation. It also offers a multitude of services to make your daily life easier, livelier and more interesting. We work hard so that you can focus on your work and what really matters.

The Agora

Explore, discover, learn and marvel. The Agora is the beating heart of the Ecla campus and where everything converges. Concerts, shows and conferences are held here, either live or on a large screen. It is the NUMBER ONE PLACE for fun and entertainment, with special events for every member of the Ecla Team every week and every month. Feel free to share your ideas with Ecla's staff!
And what makes it even better? Challenge your friends to a game of table football or pool!

International Welcome

Ecla's staff take pride in assisting every member of the Ecla Team and welcoming talented individuals from all over the world. Our excellent partner Science Accueil assists the international members of our community in all administrative matters and other aspects of settling in through its ground-floor office on campus.

Food & Lounge

Feeling peckish? Go to the Food & Lounge to eat, work or chill out, either indoors or out. There is something for everyone, with take-away food, Cappuccinos at the Café and live sports at the Sports Bar where you can enjoy the action with a cold beer!


Events programme

Conferences, sports tournaments, cookery classes, aperitifs, screenings, concerts... all events that make Ecla the place to be. Do not hesitate to play your part and make some suggestions!

La Cuisine

Passion for good food is a lifestyle choice. In the shared kitchen, French cuisine can be combined with flavours from around the world. You might just have a few basic skills and a desire to recreate good home-made food, or have the makings of a gourmet chef: either way, this kitchen is the place for you! Come to cook with your hands at the ready, discover new culinary horizons and have a good time with other members of the Ecla Team. In the Kitchen, professional chefs come to share their know-how and mini-events are held all the time.



There are three designated sports areas for mental and physical fitness, where everyone can work out and take the time to look after themselves. At your disposal: a gym with cardio and bodybuilding equipment, a space for indoor group lessons and an outdoor sports field. Ecla has teamed up with Technogym to offer you the best sports equipment.


E-games room

Room entirely dedicated to E-games with the latest state-of-the-art facilities. This glazed room invites members of the Ecla community to spend time together and escape into the world of gaming. Have fun with consoles or put the rapidly evolving discipline of e-sports into practice.

Le studio

You'll no longer annoy your neighbours by making the walls of your apartment shake. The soundproofed studio allows budding musicians on campus to use their own equipment or use ours: microphones, drums, synthesizer and electric guitar available on site, enjoy!

Outdoor Camp

Enjoy outdoor sports on the field! Football, handball, basketball, volleyball and even badminton can be played in the fully equipped city stadium. And for a #FrenchTouch experience, #SquadEcla invites you to join them on one of the two pétanque courts near the barbecue area.

La Fabrique

Create and design as you please! Ecla provides you with all the office materials you need in a reprographics area, equipped by our partner Xerox. You can print or bind your projects right up to the last minute. There is a second area with long tall tables for large media.


These connected areas with warm, pleasant and convivial décor are designed to stimulate and nurture creativity. Here you can meet and share experiences and knowledge with a diverse group of people on campus.

Ecla offers adaptable spaces (areas of various sizes, creative areas, quiet areas) where you can organise your own work group according to your needs. Everything you need, from a library to a touch screen or flip chart, is available 24 hours a day so that you can work on your projects whenever you want.

French language courses

Discover the thematic French language courses at ECLA taught by the Alliance Française Paris. While waiting for the opening of The BBR, the courses will be taught in La Fabrique. Enrollment and more information at the front desk. 


In a hurry? Our Easymeal distributors can provide you with hot dishes, salads, sweet snacks, drinks, sandwiches and seasonal fruit at any time of the day.

La Launderette

The Laundrette is open 24 hours a day with availability of washing powder, ironing board and iron. To make your life easier, the Ecla Campus App allows you to check availability of the machines and receive an alert when your washing is ready.


At Ecla, security is taken seriously to guarantee the peace of mind of all members of our community: there are security guards on campus around the clock, a CCTV system is in place, and you need a badge or your smartphone to access the floors and accommodation.


Secure outdoor and underground parking is available.


Ecla also has two cinemas where the members themselves can decide on the listings. Sit back on the beanbags and enjoy the film.

Patio & gardens

A pleasant place to live should have green surroundings. There are gardens and patios with trees on campus for the well-being of everyone at Ecla.

Bicycle parking

There are 200 bicycle parking spaces on campus.


Ecla offers exceptional access to the Internet. Fast bandwidth allows simultaneous viewing on campus of 800 movies in high definition. There is a guarantee of efficient access to and uploading and downloading of all digital media, as well as all manner of digital experiences for #TeamEcla - exhibitions of digital works, digital performances, e-sports competitions...